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About Panasonic 
  • Panasonic systems are #1 in overall market share in the United States for application of 20 outside phone lines or less.
  • The Panasonic Telephone System Equipment is extremely reliable, that even if you lose power to your building, the XDP port provided in their systems will bypass the system to provide you with an outgoing line.
  • Most features on the Panasonic Telephone systems come standard and are very easy to use, such as such as door intercoms with remote door unlocking, paging, LCD displays, voice mail, automated attendant, music-on-hold, conferencing, one-button dialing, hands-free intercom response, call accounting, auto-busy-redial, call transferring, call forwarding, restricted dialing. Each line can be customized to ring only for selected phone and at different times of day.


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